Corsair Technical Services has extensive experience developing various simulation products and technologies to satisfy the most challenging of training requirements. Our teams excel at selecting and employing various commercial-off-the-shelf and proprietary simulation/game-based technologies to provide high quality products while maximizing cost savings. These technologies range from simple virtual equipment visualizations to dynamic intelligent tutoring systems, and real time multi-station simulations in a 3-D "gaming" environment. Our simulation technologies are designed ahead of time to integrate with real-world equipment and hardware, meet SCORM compliancy requirements, and provide performance assessment and after-action reporting. 

Corsair Technical Services also has the expertise to tailor products to a client's particular classroom needs. Whether for web, mobile or desktop, our simulation products can be targeted specifically to the end-user's platform. Our developers possess the knowledge to integrate our products with a variety of IT infrastructures, Learning Management Systems, and military/government hosting systems to ensure access regardless of the classroom's electronic environment.