Web Apps

Corsair Technical Services specializes in advanced web based training products that can be customized for our customers’ unique needs.  Our unique web based architecture enables us to adapt applications to best fit our customers’ needs and requirements in a cost effective and timely manner.  Corsair’s training expertise is displayed in the intuitive nature of our web based training products.

Corsair Technical Services' focus on secure and reliable technical infrastructure, mobile platforms, and intuitive user interfaces facilitates the creation of cost effective and efficient systems.  Our web based training team utilizes secure architecture polices for integration into the most secure locations.  Modular technical infrastructure has led to reliable products and rapid development of software customizations, including deployment on mobile devices.  Corsair’s user interface design polices are based upon an ease of use philosophy that users should not have to train to utilize training applications.  This philosophy and our focus on “Doing the right thing” have produced reliable, intuitive, and secure software that continues to exceed customer expectations.