Virtual Trainers

Instruction involving complex technical tasks with multiple procedures, intricate tools, and/or cooperation with other people or parallel actions presents challenges to efficiently transfer knowledge in a classroom environment.  When hands on training is limited or cost prohibitive, Corsair Technical Services provides innovative training solutions to reduce time to train and total costs.

Ideally suited for instruction on maintenance troubleshooting and component replacement procedural steps, 3D virtual trainers are efficient tools for knowledge transfer, refresher training, and skill assessment with a variety of advanced applications.

Virtual trainers provide a unique training environment to immerse the student in a 3D setting allowing tutorial, guided practice, and free play activities with the ability to simultaneously view reference material representative of real world applications.  Integrated COTS software tools provide stable immersive training through the use of functional, realistic models of the subject.  Corsair Technical Services has extensive experience developing and producing 3D virtual trainers with proven past performance. 

Throughout the Instructional Systems Development process, Corsair Technical Services strives to maintain strong lines of communication with each customer to ensure delivery of the highest quality product to meet requirements and fill existing training gaps.