Integrated Multi-Mission Multi-Platform UAS Trainer

IM3PUT is a reconfigurable, ITAR-safe, UAS simulation system for operator and mission training. IM3PUT provides both multi-crew and single operator training in one system. Trainees can participate in self-paced or instructor-led training sessions both locally or jointly across a network.

The System

  • Cost effective - Two stations for pilot and sensor operator training running on a single machine.
  • Optional instructor station for instructor led missions and training scenarios.
  • Reconfigurable for customized input devices.
  • Portability - IM3PUT’s standard configuration can be packed down into three hard-shell roller cases.

The Platform

  • Realistic flight characteristics (based on Cessna-172) with high-fidelity modeling of aircraft and sensor components.
  • Includes simulated ground control station software with map view, sensor view, pilot view, and systems interface.
  • Train EPs, checklists, takeoff/landing, auto/manual flight, electro-optical/infrared sensor ops, airspace management, communications, map overlays/annotations, etc.
  • Theoretical platform allows trainees to focus on UAS operational concepts rather than manufacturer and software specific nuances.

Tools and Technology

  • Built with EnvisionTETM
  • HLA compliant - IM3PUT can interface with other HLA compliant simulators for larger scale joint training (air traffic control, mission command, etc).
  • Optional scenario editor allows end users to create their own complex missions or training sessions.
  • Includes a full suite of vehicles, humans, and buildings for realistic scenario development.
  • Customized development available for a variety of sensor packages.