Generic UAS Courseware

Through years of experience in the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) field, Corsair Technical Services recognized an unfilled training requirement.  Many agencies, both government and industry, utilize not just one but multiple different types of UAS platforms that require knowledgeable personnel to support each program.  Although cross-training an experienced operator, mission controller, or sensor operator to a new position or platform can be relatively expeditious, entry level training requirements vary significantly based on aviation experience and platform complexity. The current pace of technological advancements is matched by increases in the amount and expense of platform specific UAS training requirements. Further, the rapidly expanding field of commercial UAS operations compels the need for knowledgeable administrators to manage the safe integration with existing transportation regulations.

In response to this new requirement, Corsair Technical Services developed a basic, broad based training course, the Generic UAS Course, in addition to the means to apply it via desktop simulation, the Integrated Multi-Mission Multi-Platform UAS Trainer (IM3PUT).

The Generic UAS Course provides instruction on topics from the Fundamentals of Aerodynamics and Weather, to Control Systems and Sensors and UAS Roles and Capabilities.Depending on customer requirements and student experience, the course can be modified and expanded to fit the needs of local, state and federal government agencies as well as commercial entities.