Envision Training Environment

EnvisionTETM is an affordable software-based training system that is engineered to meet virtually any training demand. Its unique open-architecture provides the capability to develop, integrate, and operate any airborne, seaborne, or ground-based entity in a realistic training scenario. EnvisionTETM allows users to participate in self-paced, computer-guided, or instructor-led training exercises ranging from basic core/operational skills to tactical concepts and even complex mission rehearsal using high-fidelity 3D simulation. Read more about the key features below.

Open-architecture simulation and 3D rendering engine

  • The EnvisionTETM SDK  provides a C++ API for developers to create and integrate new high-fidelity simulation components and entities. The rendering API allows developers to create everything from custom GPU shaders for simulating any type of sensor to 3D effects and particle systems, and interactive heads-up-displays.
  • Configure any combination of custom input devices, multiple displays, or touch-screens.
  • Write plug-ins to develop custom tools, application features, or interface with third party systems, code libraries, and hardware.

Scenario Development

  • Scenario Builder gives end-users the ability to create realistic training scenarios in any real-world or potential hot spot environment. User designed Artificial Intelligence (AI) scripts allow computer generated forces (enemy and friendly) to react according to live mission events providing realistic and dynamic mission scenarios. Using the Instructor Operating Station (IOS), the instructor can control mission tasking and pace of events by initiating critical actions or providing re-tasking instructions during runtime.
  • Content Library - Out of the box EnvisionTETM includes virtual terrain databases of numerous world locations and a suite of simulation entities including: commercial and military aircraft (rotary and fixed wing), maritime platforms, vehicles, buildings, and human entities.

Performance Assessment

  • Full 3D recording and playback of entities and instrumentation for in-depth after-action review. Automated grading/scoring based on any combination of user-defined objectives, metrics, and parameters for immediate feedback or post-mission debrief.
  • Virtual Instruction (VI) - VI provides a convenient and intuitive way to give real-time or post-exercise feedback of techniques and procedures. VI can take control to demonstrate proper techniques, provide verbal or visual cues, provide access to mission specific training materials (i.e. tactical checklists, mission notes, courseware, etc.), as well as conduct quizzes and knowledge tests during or after a session.

Distributed Mission Training

  • Multiple EnvisionTETM systems may collectively participate in a networked session for crew training on a single platform or combined training that integrates numerous platforms.
  • High Level Architecture (HLA) compliant - Connect EnvisionTETM to other third party HLA compliant systems for larger scale joint exercises or to capitalize on previous technology investments.

Integrated SCORM 2004 conformant Learning Management System

  • Create custom syllabi and schedules.
  • Organize trainees into groups, classes, etc.
  • Manage instructors and classroom resources.
  • Publish training materials and assignments to users.
  • Track progress and generate custom reports based on individual or group performance.