Remembrance, Memorial Day 2014


Corsair Engineering Memorial Day 2014On Memorial Day, we want to remember the work and actions of all of our heroes. So, on this May 26, 2014 Corsair Engineering Inc.would like to take a moment to say thank you to all of the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the armed forces of the United States.

As so well stated in Proclamation 4842 -- Memorial Day, May 25, 1981 "Over one hundred years ago, Memorial Day was established to commemorate those who died in the defense of our national ideals. Our ideals of freedom, justice, and equal rights for all have been challenged many times since then, and thousands of Americans have given their lives in many parts of the world to secure those same ideals and insure for their children a lasting peace. Their sacrifice demands that we, the living, continue to promote the cause of peace and the ideals for which they so valiantly gave of themselves.

Today, the United States stands as a beacon of liberty and democratic strength before the community of nations. We are resolved to stand firm against those who would destroy the freedoms we cherish. We are determined to achieve an enduring peace -- a peace with liberty and with honor. This determination, this resolve, is the highest tribute we can pay to the many who have fallen in the service of our Nation."

Corsair Engineering Inc. is a veteran-owned small business providing government and industry customers with quality high-fidelity training systems supporting engineering and logistics services. Corsair Engineering Inc. designs, develops, and delivers cost effective integrated human performance solutions that result in measurable value and productivity improvement. Our values are anchored in "Doing the Right Thing." We are honored to have served alongside you both at home and abroad, and we would like to let veterans everywhere know that you and your service to this great country will not be forgotten.

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