AUVSI 2014 - Training the Pilots for the Future of Unmanned Systems

Corsair Engineering’s UAS trainer – meeting the needs for training future crews of unmanned systems for military and commercial use.


Corsair Engineering's IM3PUT™ at AUVSI 2014Readying students to meet the demand for workers in the unmanned systems industry, Indiana State University (ISU) recently acquired two new UAS Training Systems from Corsair Engineering.

ISU acquired the newest release of the IM3PUT™ (Integrated Multi-Mission Multi-platform UAS Trainer) system to provide realistic learning and training experiences for students preparing for careers in unmanned systems. The IM3PUT system is capable of simulating a variety of generic and OEM UAS platforms on a single machine. The two-crew configuration allows students to practice flight and sensor operations, as well as crew-coordination, simultaneously on a single machine. IM3PUT™ systems may be connected over a network, to enable synchronized training in a joint scenario with common terrain and entities, for larger scale mission and coordination exercises. The simulator also allows for insertion of additional unmanned systems, such as ground and underwater-unmanned vehicles.

The new IM3PUT™ simulators provide students with the ability to practice a myriad of UAS operational concepts including manual and auto flight operations, sensor operation and management, crew management, communications, emergency procedures, and airspace coordination, all prior to conducting training on a specific UAS platform. Students and staff at ISU are able to design scenarios which enable them to simulate the types of missions they expected Unmanned Systems to conduct in commercial airspace.

Meeting the requests of users, Corsair Engineering has also designed the new IM3PUT™ systems to be used at various locations. One of the systems delivered to ISU has custom cases built for portability.

The addition of the new IM3PUT™ trainer, and an upgrade to the existing trainer, will enhance training throughput as well as overall training capability. “Corsair is proud to be a part of the ISU training system,” says Brant Bond, Corsair Engineering’s VP of Training and Simulation. “We worked together to understand the training requirements and have developed a highly-capable, low cost device that will help train ISU students and prepare them for future UAS operations. The IM3PUT™ device’s proven capability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness make it a valuable part of any UAS training system.”

At the University of North Dakota, IM3PUT™ simulators have been outfitted with OEM control systems and are being used to conduct research for the Air Force Research Laboratory. The ability to rapidly reconfigure scenarios allows researchers to examine a variety of conditions where UAS Operators might have to conduct operations without the expense and difficulty of conducting actual flight operations.

In addition to demonstrations of interactive courseware, virtual training systems, and logistical products, Corsair Engineering will have the new IM3PUT™ (Integrated Multi-Mission Multi-platform UAS Trainer) system, which appeared on 60 Minutes in March, 2014, on display and available to test at the upcoming AUVSI Unmanned Systems 2014 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida May 12-15, 2014. Visit Corsair Engineering at Booth 512.

Corsair Engineering is a veteran-owned small business providing government and industry customers with quality high-fidelity training systems supporting engineering and logistics services. Corsair designs, develops, and delivers cost effective integrated human performance solutions that result in measurable value and productivity improvement. "Doing the Right Thing" is the focus of all of Corsair’s efforts.

Corsair Engineering at AUVSI 2014 Booth 512

AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems 2014 is the premier forum for reviewing, assessing and discussing the current state of the unmanned systems market. The event brings together the key leaders and decision-makers in the industry. Officials from government and user organizations around the world attend and participate in the symposium program.

For more information about Corsair Engineering Inc., visit, Facebook: Corsair Engineering Inc., or follow us on Twitter: @CorsairEng.

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