Performance-based Logistics

Corsair Technical Services personnel are experienced in all levels of Performance Based Logistics (PBL) including system-level PBL programs and platform-level PBL contracts. Our people take a systems engineering approach; flowing down performance metrics to various IPTs and suppliers. Additionally, we develop meaningful metrics that measure the effectiveness of the PBL solution.

  • Total Ownership Costs (TOC) Focus

    • Performance Based Agreements

    • Material Management

    • Supply Chain Efficiencies

    • Data Collection, Analysis, and System Evaluation

  • Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) Transition to PBL Support

    • Commercial vs. Organic Depot Level Repair

    • Public/Private Partnerships

    • OEM Managed Configuration & Reliability Generated Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs)

  • Meaningful PBL Metrics

    • Availability (Ao)

    • Supply Chain/Customer Wait Time (measured in Hours)

    • Mean Time Between Replacement (MTBR)